Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy to Treat A Variety of Symptoms

Improve Your Body and Mind With Soothing Massages

Reduce stress, relieve pain, and invigorate your body and soul with a rejuvenating massage. Choose from our many specialized massages for athletes, moms, and those with special medical conditions. You can also try standard massages like deep tissue and hot stone. 

Whatever you are looking to achieve, Elite Wellness & Beauty can help. Our experienced and highly trained massage therapists will make you feel comforted and relaxed as they work magic. You will feel the difference. Make sure to check out our beauty packages.

FarmHouse Fresh Wine and Dandy Massage 

You will start with a relaxing and calming cranberry-orange vitamin infused towel wrapped around you steeping in sweet almond oil, vitamin E, and Epsom salts. After your warming wrap, you will enjoy Agave Nectar oil and super antioxidant resveratrol serum blend made from the Texas winery grapes. 

This invigorating body cocktail includes a collection of powerhouse fruit actives and vegetables combined with antioxidant capacities, which are 6 times more powerful than your average drugstore moisturizer. This mixture will reverse free radical damage and signs of aging. Enjoy total body recovery and hydration unlike any other.
1 hour: $70

Hot Stone Massage

With heated stones delicately placed on your body, a hot stone massage will warm and loosen your muscles to relieve tension and tightness. This massage treatment can reduce and eliminate muscle tension, stress, and even cure insomnia.
1 hour: $76
90 min: $106

Mommy-To-Be Massage

Pregnancy takes its toll on a woman's body, which causes pain in places where there was no pain previously. This special mommy-to-be massage relieves the pain from weight bearing on joints as well as reduces pressure and stress. It improves blood and lymph flow. It also aids in relaxation and the ability to sleep. Reduce stress and hormonal changes with this pain reducing massage for mothers.
30 min: $41
1 hour: $66

Deep Tissue Massage (Therapeutic Massage)

Reduce stress and eliminate pain with the deep tissue massage, which targets the deeper layers of connective tissues and muscles. Our trained therapists move their hands against the grain of your muscles with slower strokes and friction techniques to really work the troubles areas and improve symptoms of discomfort.
30 min: $41
1 hour: $66
90 min: $96

Sports Massage

Athletes of all levels can enjoy a specialized sports massage therapy to prevent injuries and enhance athletic performance. Active bodies undergo a great deal of physical stress. Our massage experts use fast strokes and stretching to improve flexibility and loosen muscles for better athletic performance and reduces tension.
30 min: $41
1 hour: $66

Swedish Massage

The Swedish Massage is our most popular massage and is a great choice for beginners. Our massage therapists use smooth, long strokes, and circular movements along all the muscle groups. Soothing lotions and oils offer a gentle and relaxing massage experience for all.
30 min: $41
1 hour: $66
90 min: $96

Massage Therapy Oooh la Add-on!
Hair's to You
Warm Agave Nectar Oil hair & scalp treatment + 10 min scalp massage $15

Hand & Foot Treatment with Steaming Wrap. $15
Choose from:
- Warm Agave Nectar Oil
- Marshmallow Shea Butter Melt
- Honey Heel Glaze

Elite Aromatherapy $5
Refreshing, calming scent targeting relaxation, insomnia and depression

Balance Aromatherapy $5
Targets mental fatigue, exhaustion and nervousness

Harmony Aromatherapy $5
Relieve pain, restores skin complexion and provides deep relaxation $5

Non-Massage Sessions

CranioSacral Therapy

CST enhances the body's natural healing process by improving the function of the physiological craniosacral system, which protects the brain and spinal chord. CST is effective at treating a wide range of medical issues, such as:
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Chronic Neck and Back Pain
  • Motor-Coordination Impairments
  • Central Nervous System Disorders
  • Orthopedic Problems
  • Scoliosis
  • Infantile Disorders
  • TMJ
  • Colic
  • Autism
Zero Balance Therapy and Lymph Drainage therapies are also available through our salon and spa. CranioSacral therapy is FREE for veterans and infants under 1 year old.   
30 minutes: $50
1 hour: $70
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